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Instilling Self-Love, Your Greatest Gift of all

You must make it a daily ritual to instil loving thoughts about yourself.   Pay close attention to every thought to ensure you stop all self sabotaging and negative thoughts.  Before you know it you won't have a full negative thought and you will notice most of your thoughts are positive.  You will notice waking up in the morning and your first thought is a loving positive thought.  That feels amazing

Do the I LOVE YOU mirror talk every day as well.  At first it may feel awkward but push through the uncomfortable feeling as it won't last long and it is only your limited beliefs about yourself making you feel uncomfortable.   


To ignite self-love click HERE for access to my 21 days to self love online program.

Email me and ask me to send you my blank I AM Mandala to complete and create with your imagination.  Use lots of colors and personalize it with all the words and feelings you are and want to be.  You will raise your positive energy very quickly each time you look at it.  

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