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Does your child have a hard time falling asleep? Do they tell you they see shadows? Have nightmares or tell you they see spirit? Does your child talk to him/herself? Have they told you they see or hear things or people? Do you see or hear them talking to "themselves"? Seeing, feeling and hearing spirit is very real and should be accepted unconditionally and talked about with sincere interest and understanding. The faster you accept and acknowledge what your child tells you the faster they will speak more about it. Talking about it openly is very healthy and important to ensure you help your child find ways to control and understand these spiritual sightings and feelings. The best solution is to tap into their gifts and learn how they can control them and work with them. I will teach you and your child how to help empower them by using the gift correctly. I encourage children 4 years and up to attend with their parent.


I host a workshop which is a great way to meet other parents and kids who experience spirit as well, share stories and have someone to talk openly about it at any time.  Check my workshop tab for any upcoming dates.

I am certified in energy healing as well as a Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP) and Hands on Healing Practitioner (HOH) ( I have been working with angel realm energy since 2008 and love to hear stories from parents grandparents and kids about their experiences.

I feel blessed and guided to assist children, young adults and parents who experience seeing, feeling or hearing spirit by providing them with a variety of techniques and exercises to help them to control and understand the spirit energy as well as staying out of fear.

I also do private sessions to help the child and parents understand what their child is experiencing.

Contact me via text or phone 780-340-6708 or email me at to register. Fee is $60 (children attending with parent are free)

Blessings of love and light,

Franni Welter
​Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP)
AEP Hands on Healing (HOH) www.aephealing)
Body, Heart, Mind & Soul Life Empowerment Coach and Author



CELL:  780-340-6708 (TEXT OR CALL)


Lac La Biche County & area
 Lake & area
Boyle & area
Athabasca & area 
Kikino & Buffalo Lake area
Bonnyville & area
Cold Lake & area 

Vibrational Miracles
Harmonic Healing 

68142 - RR 162 #112
Plamondon, AB


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