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Focused Intention Technique Energy Healing 
Releasing Limited Beliefs at Core Level
darkness into pure love & light


Unresolved, negative feelings and emotions never simply disappear but remain very much alive and stuck in your body's energy field to trigger you with these same negative emotions when you least expect it and cause havoc in your daily life.  Ignoring these unresolved feelings could very well, over time, cause physical symptoms and even disease.  This dense, negative energy will likely also block you from achieving your goals & dreams.  Are you experiencing tiggers of negative emotion?  I was and stepped out of my comfort zone for my first energy healing session back in 2006.  It was so amazing I wanted to become a certified FIT energy healer so I could teach others to tap into their inner power and reclaim a life of abundance in all forms. The process was truly remarkable and life changing.

FOCUSED INTENTION TECHNIQUE (FIT) ENERGY HEALING will connect with the unresolved issues and release it forever!  Incredible positive emotions will then be awakened and ignited in your cells, heart mind & soul.  You will then be UNSTOPPABLE and start feeling and seeing immense abundance flow into your life. The beauty of this modality is releasing the limited beliefs does not require discussing anything you feel uncomfortable talking about.  The heart centre will guide you to the trapped emotions and release them as I guide you through the process of FIT energy healing.  I create and hold a safe, non-judgmental, loving space for you. 

Each minute we spend worrying about the future and regretting the past is a minute we miss in changing our circumstances & journeying to our greatest life !

Feelings of immense love, value, admiration, beauty, joy, peace, freedom, magnificence, confidence
are just a few of the emotions waiting for you to awaken & ignite in your heart, mind & soul!

Available for in person sessions in 

Plamondon, Lac La Biche &

Fort Saskatchewan. 

For booking in Lac La Biche click here!


Message or email for booking in Plamondon or Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Available anywhere else via online (which is also very effective)

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I am proud of you for putting yourself first and honoured to guide you to living with pure love & joy in your heart.


CELL:  780-340-6708 (TEXT OR CALL)


Lac La Biche County & area
 Lake & area
Boyle & area
Athabasca & area 
Kikino & Buffalo Lake area
Bonnyville & area
Cold Lake & area 

Vibrational Miracles
Harmonic Healing 

68142 - RR 162 #112
Plamondon, AB


The statements made or services provided through this website, or by the Company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonials regarding the technology are voluntarily given and do not represent the opinions of the Company. The services provided by the Company are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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