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Expecting Mother - Pregnancy support with harmonic egg healing frequency

 HARMONIC EGG - sound, color & light  
FREQUENCY therapy for baby & mom
to create the most beautiful experience




Circumstances surrounding the times before, during and immediately after birth can influence the way your child grows up physically, emotionally & spiritually.  Sound & color therapy can prove to be very effective as a tool for both birth preparation and postpartum due to its deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system. The benefits can be shared by the mother and the baby at the same time because the sense of hearing is already functioning while still in utero. Helping the nervous system settle into its parasympathetic response before & after birth is a valuable support when the production of certainhormones is fundamental for the bonding process.


When the embryo becomes less than a millimeter in size, your baby already starts developing its inner ear.

Sound travels through water 5X better than through air. The entire experience in the womb is through hearing & vibration sense.

Sounds entering the embryo are essential for the developing fetus; the mothers voice, along with other voices and sounds from its environment help wire the babies nervous system.  

There are 3x as many connections from the ear to the brain as there are from the eyes to the brain, therefore, the sounds coming through the ears feed the neurological system of your baby.

Research shows that prenatal stress can have significant effects on pregnancy, maternal health and the babies development across the lifespan.

During pregnancy the maternal endocrine, nervous & immune systems adjust to support pregnancy success and it has been suggested that prenatal stress affects pregnancy by disrupting these processes - Mary Coussons-Read, PhD

The vibrations of sound tend to have a very significant impact on all the areas of the body reached by the vagus nerve by resonating very close to it in the eardrums. In addition to that, the majority of cranial nerves are either directly or indirectly connected with the ear. - Sound Therapy & the Vagus Nerve by Simone Vitale


The HARMONIC EGG® / ELLIPSE® healing chamber uses sound, light, color and vibration therapy to help calm the nervous system and bring balance to the body, mind & spirit. This 50 minute session offers 40 minutes of a personalized combination of light, color & sound vibrations as you sync your intention with visualizing your healthy, vibrant, happy baby. The last 10 minutes are spent in silence with colored light encasing you to attune into yourself & make a deep vibrational connection with the life growing inside of you.



The Ellipse is made of wood & utilizes sacred geometry to amplify the sound frequency vibrations played within, like sitting inside a guitar, to enhance healing on many levels.


With speakers at either end, a zero-gravity chair in the center, and a sub-woofer under the chair, you are completely immersed in sound vibration.


Light, sound & color combinations are carefully selected based on your needs and intention. Ultimately, the Harmonic Egg is the art of using acoustic vibration to help the body restore its innate state of coherent balance. The addition of Color & Light and being surrounded by all the elements within the Harmonic Egg chamber ignites & enhances the body's vibrational healing mechanisms.



Studies have shown that utilizing stress reduction techniques can create a better environment for conception to occur. “Light therapy shows promise for improving the health of a lot of different body parts, and has been studied for both female fertility and male fertility. Clinical studies in red light therapy for fertility.” - Success rates in Denmark and Norway proved as high as 65% for patients who failed to fall pregnant many times before using various methods of trying to conceive .(Taylor Graber, MD - article

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