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Angel Empowerment Healing is a modality that changes lives through the power of positive thoughts, healing with Archangel Raphael & other energy healing techniques, if guided during session. 

Learn how to change your perception of symptoms and empower healing from within while feeling the energy flow through practitioners hands.


The underlying belief of this healing program is that we each have the power to be in perfect health. Just as we can set the intention to manifest whatever we desire, the evidence proves we can manifest our own perfect health. We work with the 3 minds (conscious, unconscious, higher conscious) and the physical body will change your life.

Dr. Carl LeRoux developed specific language that speaks to your body at a cellular level. As your Practitioner flows Archangel Raphael’s healing energy to a cellular level the practitioner states words for you to repeat aloud specific to your health issue. These powerful words speak to your conscious mind, which with repetition, reprograms your unconscious mind and connects with your higher conscious mind to help create perfect health.  We talk to your DNA and change the frequency that is not serving your highest good.


Our results indicate improvements such as reduction of pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Improved sleep, wound healing and faster recovery time after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and improved control of chronic ailments.

Research shows distance healing is as effective as hands-on healing.   Begin your journey to own your health - Commit to following through with 4-6 sessions with daily rituals of specifically guided affirmations provided at each session.

Pricing - $100 per session (60 minutes - first session 75 minutes)

Prepay 4 sessions and save 15% - a savings of $60


Book your session today!     

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