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HARMONIC EGG - The future of medicine has arrived - Frequency Healing Sessions

It has been said by ancient inventors and healers that the Future of Medicine is Frequency Medicine. This quote was specifically by Albert Einstein. Using vibration as a healing practice has existed back in the 1800's . Techniques included sound and color therapy, like that which you will experience in a Harmonic Egg frequency healing session as personalized combinations of sound, light and color will surround you and integrate into you body for its healing purposes.

Einstein was at the forefront of this frequency healing shift when he mathematically proved that energy and matter are the same substance, differentiated only by rates of vibration.

Through the use of electromagnetic waves carrying signature frequencies of color, light & sound that are used in very specific ways in the Harmonic Egg, the conditions that allowed disease to progress are changed within the body, hence, the frequencies ignite the bodies powerful healing capabilities to gain optimal health & wellness on a physical level, mental level and spiritual level.

"Frequency healing takes this basic identification process one step further. It has identified the signature frequencies of various viruses, bacteria, and diseases along with the signature frequency of healthy organs and tissue. Even thoughts and emotions have been identified. Disease is seen as misinformation; the body has moved away from health because of an error of information. Optimal health can be supported by providing desired frequency at the desired amplitude. For example, if someone suffers a cold, rather than bombard the body with a frequency to disrupt the virus, a frequency would be supplied that supports the immune system. When the body resonates with this, it creates ideal conditions for health. The use of frequency for healing is the cutting edge of alternative health modalities. " - Frequency: The Medicine of the Future By Synthia Andrews

The testimonials are incredible from people around the world that have experienced the Harmonic Egg, either in person or via distance healing.

Now you may be thinking, Yeah right, Distance Healing? Well, frequency energy has no time or space boundaries and is able to ignite our body's healing mechanisms from afar. Distance healing is the practice of sending vibrational energy across physical spaces to promote someone’s well-being without being physically present with them. It’s like an invisible bridge of positive vibes connecting two people, regardless of the miles or walls between them and the experience is definitely a profound one. Its like a fax machine sending information via energy frequency across the world and the same works with the human body.

We have control of our health and our bodies are intelligent and powerful enough to give the body what it needs to re-harmonize our cells, organs and energy meridians to achieve optimal health, pure source love and inner joy.

Are you going to take charge of your health? If not now, when?

blessings of love, light & optimal health


Vibrational Miracles Harmonic Healing

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