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FEAR & WORRY - what story is your mind creating?

Fear is the most debilitating emotion that there is, and every one of us can live a life without fear. When you understand that fear is something we invent in our mind and make it part of our story you will find it easier to escape and conquer. We create fear so we can most definitely kick fear to the curb.

The key to absolute freedom and joy for each and every one of us is to let go of fear and worry. When you understand that fear puts you on a frequency of attracting more fearful events and circumstances into your life, you will understand how important it is to shift yourself. People are in fear of being late, of losing their job, of paying the bills, of getting sick, and the list goes on. The law of attraction is impersonal, and whatever we focus on with feeling is bringing it to us. When fearful thoughts come, stamp them out immediately. Send them on their way and replace them with anything that makes you feel good.  We all have fears but the key is to acknowledge them and change them to TRUST and/or GRATITUDE.

Instilling TRUST within you is a key to removing the fear vibration. When you worry, for instance, which is a form of fear, you are creating a story in your mind that will most likely never happen. I encourage you to remove the fearful thoughts by taking deep breaths in as you say these words in your mind "I AM SAFE! I TRUST that all is well. I CAN overcome all obstacles in life with grace, ease and immense self love". When you breath out say "I RELEASE all FEAR - Thank you". This simple exercise will raise your vibration of TRUST within and calm you.

I had so many fearful and worrisome thoughts, especially when my kids were teenagers and out on their own. I would not sleep until they were home until I finally released worry and brought in TRUST that the universe and GOD has their best intentions in mind for their life. I had no control over their life choices and by instilling TRUST that all my love and advice was enough to keep them safe and ensure they make the right choices was an amazing relief within.

The most important thing to do is stop those fear based thoughts as soon as they enter and change them to gratitude for the time you have to get where you are going, gratitude for the perfect job with financial rewards, gratitude for the things you have because you are paying a bill and gratitude for the financial means to pay your bills, gratitude for your perfect health, etc. The exact opposite of what you are fearing at any given moment. Feeling gratitude will not only help to remove those fears but will attract the good positive abundance into your life. Have you completed your Gratitude List yet? If not, I promise that whenever you think of things you are grateful for the better you will feel as your energy will rise to a positive level.

Fearful thoughts and negative self talk will just limit you and stop any hope of a positive outcome because these types of thoughts convince your inner self that the negative view is correct. Fear based thoughts most certainly serve no good purpose whatsoever. They just confirm your inner fears and prevent you from daring to step out into the unknown where success, goals and the path to your greatest life is waiting for you.

LESSON: Make a list of what you are fearful of. Then ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen if you pushed through your fear. Then ask yourself if that fear or worry is likely to happen if you do push through and do it. Then ask yourself - How would you feel and what could you accomplish without that fear?

Negative and fear based thoughts need to be stopped because it is so powerful that you may completely believe what you are telling yourself. THE POWER OF POSITIVE thoughts and affirmations when repeated daily will recondition your brain and change how you feel and think. Positive thinking will reverse the affects of fearful, negative thoughts quicker than you may think. You will also attract positive people and opportunity into your life.

You have the power and choice to TRUST that all is well!!

“I’ve come to trust not that events will always unfold exactly as I want, but that I will be fine either way. The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.” — Marianne Williamson

Keep working on yourself everyday, all day by simply paying attention to your thoughts all day, stopping the negative and switching to positive. YOU GOT THIS!! 

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