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Our Brain Gets Sick Too

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Our Brain Gets Sick Too

Franni Welter - Certified Energy Healer and Whole Body Health Transformation Coach

Our brain gets sick just like the rest of our body. It is time to change the stigma which still surrounds mental illness.

Anxiety = a persons inability to manage or tolerate uncertainty and overwhelm.

The struggle and suffering is real.

We must not judge others who have issues that we don’t understand because they are having real feelings and real issues that they may privately struggle with every day. Showing support, compassion, immense, unconditional love and understanding (even if we don’t understand. We really can’t completely understand since we don’t live in their body).

We must never give up on someone that, in our minds (at times of judgment), may think they should be better or “over it” by now.

Judgment clouds every aspect of trying to help someone else heal but, in my opinion, helping someone else is the greatest gift and ability we have to offer.

It is not helpful to ask “what’s wrong with you” Or “Snap out of it”. We need to THINK before we speak because words can be very damaging, especially during times of stress.

There are some people who know the least about the various symptoms of mental illness or about how someone is truly feeling but say the most. It is so important to THINK before we speak! People with anxiety/mental illness are extra vulnerable and need non-judgment, compassion and unconditional love and support!

Never give up on yourself!

Reach out to the people who love you, a professional or acquaintance you feel comfortable with.

If you suffer from mental illness, I would be honored to create a safe, loving space where I can help you remove the dense, negative energy within, help you heal the hurt, the anxiety and the feeling of hopelessness.

As a whole body health transformation coach I can help you with everything from an 11 step energy healing process to calm your inner storm to conquering health issues to personal development to raise your inner vibration. You CAN soar to living your greatest life with the decision to say YES to loving yourself enough to take the brave step to reach out for help!

We all need help at times and the courage to realize it will change your life!

No storm last forever and yours will pass too. Never give up on yourself and keep working on yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I’ve been there.

Blessings of love and light,


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