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SELF “LOVE is your master key that opens the gates of happiness.” - Oliver Holmes

It all comes back to love. Love is accepting what is and to igniting your inner power to create your greatest life.

The second is forgiveness of self and others. We forgive others not because they deserve it but YOU deserve it. Forgiveness is for your souls benefit. Forgiveness of self is important to let go of the things you wished you had done different. You can’t change them except by loving yourself unconditionally which will then make you feel content, happy, peaceful, proud, confident, etc.

THESE Words by Tahlia Hunter are so true.

I said to myself “I wish I was beautiful” And a small voice within me whispered back “You are”

I said to myself “I wish I was talented” And a soft voice within me echoed back “You are"

I said to myself “I wish I was loveable” And a quiet voice within me replied “You are”

And I said to myself “I wish I was special” And from the depths of my soul A gentle voice responded “You are. You have always been these things. All that is necessary Is for you to remove the blocks and barriers Preventing you from seeing it And step into and fully embrace All that you are.

Try a healing modality and keep trying until you find one that resonates with you to the core. I was blessed to find Focused Intention Technique and loved it so much I did all the inner work needed to become a certified FIT energy healer.


Also listen to Deepak Chopra's Soul of Healing Meditation. Keep listening to it over and over until you feel a inner shift of self love, forgiveness and gratitude.

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