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People (even your loved ones) will always have opinions about what you should or shouldn’t be doing but the most important thing is to listen to your heart; feel the emotions when you are doing the thing. Say NO when your body's vibration is NOT saying yes. You deserve self respect and by saying no you are respecting yourself and acknowledging boundaries that are for your highest good. You are allowed to say NO without any explanation even though you will feel compelled to explain yourself you do not need to because you are simply doing what is best for you. Self care is ultimately a gift to all your loved ones as you are able to be the best version of you. NO is a full sentence but it takes practice for it to feel good without guilt. We often feel guilty because we’re afraid of disappointing someone or maybe we’re anxious to turn down a boss.

Let today be the start of a new beginning for you to respect your boundaries with a NO when the vibration around yes does not feel good.

No matter the reasons, learning how to say no is an important skill for your personal health and well-being. Our time and energy are precious resources that we should use wisely. And that means we can’t do everything and need to honour and respect what we need first.

Whenever you are in doubt about a path in life simply sit in a quiet space, put your right hand on your heart and ask the question you need the answer to. That very first answer is your truth for your highest good. The second answer that pops in your head is from fear & doubt. Ignore that answer and follow your truth always.

This is how to live your life from heart centre.

To experience the process fully and remove limiting beliefs at core level talk to me about booking a focused intention technique (FIT) energy healing session either in person or via zoom.

Having these tools to work with is a huge benefit when life throws you a curveball. It happens and trust me, I have benefited from knowing this process to help me through many curveballs in my life.

It makes the hurdles smaller than they would be without this knowingness using the FIT energy healing practice.

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